B-Harvest Provides Validation Service for Cosmos Network and Blockchain Development and Constructing Infrastructure using Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK.

We focus on the value of high standard security & stability, active community participation on Cosmos Network, and real world practical use-case of blockchain technology.

B-Harvest validator address :
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Commission Policy:
* updated date : 2019-03-19
B-Harvest will use the median(formerly average) commission rate of total validators as a monthly commission rate and will update the rate every month. We will transparently provide the commission status and average on real-time base.


Cosmos Network : Mainnet Launch!!

•   Genesis time is 13 March 2019 23:00 GMT

•   Manual for key recovery and delegation procedure

    -   B-Harvest provides detail procedure how to recover ico participation key and to delegate via docker environment. The manual is written in both English and Korean. Anyone can ask question about procedure via telegram/kakaotalk which is commented on the bottom of the link below


Cosmos Network : Game of Stake Result

•   Game of Stake on Cosmos Network has ended and we’ve got the result! In final state, B-Harvest was #2 for total accumulated stake. We are also among global 27 “Never Jailed Crew”, which means we never got jailed in entire GoS period. As a result, B-Harvest will earn not only the prize, but also significant amount of delegation from ICF(InterChain Foundation).

•   GoS results proves several aspects of abilities possessed by B-Harvest team.
  1.   Ability to keep nodes up in reasonably long period of time
  2.   Agility to quickly respond on stressed situations
  3.   Strength to properly defend validation service from attacks
  4.   Analytic capability to quickly understand the dynamic incentives of the ecosystem and to perform optimized management strategies.


Tendermint/Cosmos-SDK Bug Bounty Received!

•   B-Harvest team is actively analyzing and testing current codebase of Tendermint/Cosmos-SDK. As a result, we gained tremendous amount of knowledge and experience on the codebase so now we use forked SDK versions to use it for different purposes.

• During the process of analysis, we found 2 huge bugs of Tendermint about “validator withdrawal” and “accum calculation malfunctioning”. The Tendermint team decided to give us quite significant amount of total $6,750 for both bug reports!

• In result, our total reputation score on Tendermint HackerOne became #2, followed by CertusOne. The reports received “critical(highest level)” and “high(second highest level)”.


Validation Service

Validation Service

We do validation service on Cosmos Network. Ability to run validator servers securely and stably is one of the most important thing for the delegators and the entire Cosmos Network. We use hardware servers, several different cloud platforms, direct connections, HSM to provide failure-resilient validating service.

We employ important management and warning services on the servers and blockchain status to gain agility of our service when times of problems. Also we built private relay network among reputable validators around the world so that our service remains stable even in the crisis time of Cosmos Network.

Community Participation

In addition, we think active participation in the Cosmos community is our responsibility as a validator. We think governance is one of the most crucial factors for Cosmos Network to become a mature reliable blockchain to be used by public.

We are actively participating in validator community to deeply discuss problems and possible improvement for the blockchain and the community. We will do our best to inform delegators what is happening and being discussed in the network so that delegators can acknowledge and present reasonable opinions based on our given information.

Blockchain Data Service

We will provide delegators and Cosmos Network users not only plain real-time information on the blockchain, but also various analysis and statistical information by different dimensions so that customers can easily understand and get insights from re-organized data we provide.

Blockchain Development and Infrastructure

Blockchain Consultation

The technology of blockchain industry has come to be ready for mass adoption after more than 10 years of evolution process. Now, Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK provides complete combination of scalability, usability, and interoperability characteristics, which enable corporations/governments/associations to apply the blockchain technology to their solutions to solve the persistent problems and to open new possibilities of more efficient and fruitful ecosystems.

We provide consultation to give the customers how they can use Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK on their exist services to fully utilize the advantages of blockchain technology

Blockchain Development and Infrastructure

Our team has about one year of operational experience of Cosmos Network. It includes various aspects of blockchain operational service especially concerning high standard of security and stability. We also have deep understanding on Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK source-code so that we have participated in making issues, and fixing bugs on Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK software in various ways.

Based on the experience and knowledge, we build usecase-specific blockchain using customized Cosmos-SDK for customers. Building blockchain and ecosystem is a long journey. We provide customers various step-wise roadmap so they can accumulate experience the blockchain technology and decide for next step.


Lee Hyung Yeon

Hyung majored in Mathematics in undergraduate, Finance in master’s degree. He worked at an investment bank as a algorithm trader and risk manager for about 10 years, specialized in quant driven algorithmic trading and financial derivatives. Experience on low latency trading development, big data analysis and machine learning applications.

Dongsam Byun

dongsamb majored in Computer Science in undergraduate/master’s degree. He has work experiences as a project manager in a blockchain project concerning data marketplace. He has deep understanding in information security, machine learning and Ethereum. He have contributed to Ethereum, Web3, Solidity, Bitcoin and Cosmos open source project.

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